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"As a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist I was delighted to be asked to be involved in a Peer review with Sarah. I knew beforehand from discussions with Sarah that she had the drive to provide quality therapy for her patients and that she is a professional who maintains her on going professional development through a variety of methods.

Doing a Peer review together, confirmed to me that Sarah knows her patients well and she has worked closely with them, there families, carers and other professionals. She has an excellent rapport with all those involved and it was clear that they hold her in great esteem. The communication methods and manner that she engages with her patients is outstanding. She pushes her patients to their limits and they enjoy it.

Sarah's vast experience in paediatrics allows her to use an eclectic approach and so she is easily able to pick out what treatment method will suits the patients individual needs and adapt accordingly as required. Sarah provides targeted treatments that have practical driven goals that assist the children to work towards maximising their functional independence. Her "hands on" skills are of he highest standard and she easily demonstrates how this translates to the benefit of her patients. Her treatments back up the use of equipment that she suggests patients may benefit from and she does work as part of the "whole team" involved with each child which is vital.

I have no hesitation in recommending that Sarah is a very highly skilled Paediatric Specialist Physiotherapist and those that are working with her are fortunate to have her as part of the team."
                                                                 Pam Bagot Principle Physiotherapist Neurology

"My son is 3 1/2 years old and has spastic diplegia CP.  We are very lucky to have had Sarah on-board with our son's care since he was around 12 months old.  Her valuable knowledge, caring nature and swift intervention has enabled Jack to retain the range of movement which otherwise would have been lost forever.  I can definitely say that without Sarah's input my son's gross motor development would not have progressed at the rate that it has and in conjunction with her expert advice on positioning and general orthotic advice, it has reduced the number of orthopaedic issues he has had to a minimum.  My son recently has had Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) surgery in the USA.  Dr TS Parks and the physiotherapy department were very impressed with my son's core strength which he has managed to retain after the operation.  I can only credit this to Sarah's hard work and dedication. We would strongly recommend the Hilton Bailey children's physiotherapy service and will continue to work with Sarah to improve my sons future." 
                                                                                                                 LW - Mum

"Sarah is really nice and friendly, and she has helped me improve my standard of walking in a relaxed environment."                                                                     RR (Age 14 yrs)-Client 

"Our daughter Anna has required physio since she was a few months old as she has hemiplegia and is very small in stature.  We felt that Anna would benefit from more physio than we were getting from the NHS.  [We] just asked Anna about you and this is what she said....very sweet...and true.

"Because I like doing her physio, I enjoy playing with her, she plays great games. She's funny and makes me laugh."

We contacted Sarah directly and after an initial consultation we were really happy for Sarah to start regular physio with Anna.

Sarah has now become a really positive aspect of Anna's life.  She brings a lot of fun to physio with her varied activities which Anna really responds to each session. We have seen great progress in Anna's physical abilities,  following the clear exercises Sarah gives us.   

Sarah is extremely thorough and professional as well as being a very caring, friendly person.  We really appreciate how committed Sarah is for Anna to reach her potential.  
We would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a childrens physio.  Thank you so much Sarah!'

"It was great how Sarah explained the way each of the exercises would help me and reassured me when I was nervous about playing sport again."   
Karl -Client

"I have a severely disabled daughter who has always required the services of a childrens physio.  Following major orthopaedic surgery, I felt that Katie needed greater input than I could get on the NHS for her and we met Sarah at that point.
Katie had become afraid to stand following her surgery, but with Sarah's support and structured programme of exercises, we quickly got our happy little girl back and on the road to recovery.  Our Orthopaedic Surgeon liaised with her too on progress or treatments followng his reviews in clinic.
Sarah has a very kind, gentle and caring way about her (whilst still getting the work out of your child!) that makes you and your child feel in very capable hands.  She made such a difference to Katie's recovery.
Sarah allowed us to decide, with her guidance, on the frequency of appointments.  I never felt that Katie was seen more often than necessary just as a business gain.
Sarah made a real difference to us and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  Thank you Sarah."
Dawn - Mum

"After our young daughter broke her leg, she refused to walk on it once the cast had been removed.  After 2 weeks of no movement, we took her to Sarah who with a gentle and encouraging manner encouraged her to use her leg. Within a few sessions she was walking again."
Elizabeth - Mum

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