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Our children are very precious to us. We want to help them grow up and blossom into well rounded adults.  If they have a physical difficulty or have pain then we need to try and help find what is causing the problem and find the best course of action. This can be done through exercises and/or activities which will fit into family life. 

  • Does your child have NHS treatment and you would like to add more private physiotherapy  to compliment this?
  • Does your child complain about pain in their legs or are they having growing pains?
  • Does your child need physio and you would like to  have physiotherapy before you get you first hospital appointment?
  • Does your child have co-ordination difficulties and you would like help with activities that may help.
  • Does your child have a condition which requires paediatric physiotherapy?

Hilton-Bailey childrens physio
 is based on the Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire / Leicestershire border and has experienced staff who relate wonderfully well with both children and parents.  The paediatric physio is tailored to the child's age, so for toddlers there are lots of games and singing which gets the desired results.  For teenagers, simply being aware of their life-style and school  commitments allow us to adapt the exercises to fit in their days.

children_jumping_(320_x_212)Treatment usually takes place in the home as this helps the child to relax and relate better and quicker.  We find the children will let assessment be carried out easier if surrounded by their toys and they are in a familiar environment.  For all assessments an adult will need to be present, however if after the parent would like to be in another room, consent forms will need to be completed.

Hilton-Bailey Childrens Physio has experience treating children referred by case managers and works closely with other independent and NHS therapists, ensuring a tailored programme for your child.

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