What do I do?

Children can have many different problems that need physiotherapy. These include

Neurological conditions.  Cerebral palsy, syndromes, encephalitis and head injuries can affect the child’s development in all aspects.  Physiotherapy can help with helping the child’s gross motor abilities by taking them through the normal motor milestones and improving the quality of skills.

Developmental delay.  Some children may not be reaching their physical milestones for many different reasons and physiotherapy can help parents support and promote development of their children.

Orthopaedic and soft tissue conditions and injuries.  Children often have an injury during their sporting activities and they may need physiotherapy to help stretch out muscles and strengthen weaker muscles.

Postural problems - torticollis, talipes, metatarsus adductus, or idiopathic toe walkers can be helped by stretches and muscle strengthening and stimulation.

Musculo/skeletal pain/conditions.  Children are at more risk of getting pain in their bodies especially their knees and hips. Their bodies grow at an enormous rate thus causing pain due to tight and weakened muscles.

Children can get painful backs due to our lifestyles i.e. poor posture, carrying heavy bags and sedate lifestyles.  Physiotherapy can help with re-education and exercises to improve posture and support the back.

Movement/co-ordination disorders
.  e.g. dyspraxia.  Children may have co-ordination difficulties which affects their physical abilities in and out of the class room self esteem and confidence.

Chronic fatigue. By helping the child realise their potentia, graded circuit activities this can help with their recovery.  Physiotherapy can help to provide activities to develop their skills and self help.

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